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About The Red Whistle

Since 2016, TRW has envisioned “a world where HIV education, testing, treatment are mainstreamed and normalized towards the complete and absolute eradication of AIDS.” TRW’s mission statement reads as follows: “The Red Whistle aims to inspire and empower individuals to be agents of positive action within the HIV & AIDS advocacy and be a catalyst for collaboration between communities, organizations and government units for a unified multi-sector response to the HIV epidemic.”


In drafting its new vision and mission, TRW takes cognizance of the developments in science and medicine which has led us ever closer to the virtual and functional eradication of AIDS. We believe that an AIDS-free future is within our reach, surely within our lifetime, and maybe even within the next ten years.


We then shift our focus to other issues that prevent people living with HIV from living their lives to the fullest, just like how any person should be able to. It is therefore important to iterate in our vision and mission statement our regard for equality and the recognition of these issues, specifically mental health and the recognition of diversity in sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics. We believe that these issues are intersectional. Whatever we do for people living with HIV in these issues can also be beneficial to the larger population or groups of people affected by them.


The Red Whistle’s new vision and mission statement is as follows:


“Health, wellness, and human rights for all.”


“Empower communities of people living with HIV, people of diverse SOGIE, and people with mental health lived experience to fight for equality in health, wellness, and human rights.”

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